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Ron Carmassi and the JRG Advisors’ team handled our insurance renewals and provided outstanding service. We probably required more time than similar clients. JRG was always willing and able to respond when requested. Thank you JRG for the excellent service!

Bob Dickson
Chief Financial Officer

BASE Design Studio

Starting my own studio was an intimidating proposition. I immediately wanted to get involved with the Pittsburgh Tech Council because there is no better network for technology, startups, and design in the city.  I found out that JRG Advisors offers consultation to PTC members with choosing employee benefits and healthcare options. Craig Pritts met me in a coffee shop and within minutes I knew I had made the right choice. No pressure and great insights about what might be the right choice for me and my company.  He helped us choose the right plan in a confusing system and recommended other services I didn’t even know we should be considering. Every time I interact with the PTC or JRG I’m pleasantly surprised at how helpful and engaged they are for even the newest businesses.

Elijah Wiegmann
BASE Design Studio

National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance

I never would have been able to keep up with all of the changes in healthcare without the help of JRG Advisors. I relied heavily on Patty and Amy, and their deep knowledge in the healthcare arena to ensure I was making the best decisions for our employees.

Carol Horn
Manager, Human Resource Services


I started working with JRG Advisors in the fall of 2014, hoping to find affordable benefit options for our group so we could move away from the PEO we were bound by. I worked with Ron Carmassi who helped me identify what we really needed from our benefits plan.  He had great insights, and by January 2015 we had left our PEO and were able to support our own benefits plan with lots of options and flexibility. JRG held our hands through the whole process and really helped us take ownership of our benefits package.

Danielle Bach
Human Resources Manager

IT Security, Inc.

In previous years, I had to perform all of the research to figure out the best plan to take when purchasing health insurance for my company. Craig Pritts really knows his product offerings and walked me through the process of selections available and narrowing it to the top three, which really simplified my efforts. I would recommend that anyone needing insurance contact JRG Advisors.

Albert Whale
President, Chief Security Officer
Whale IT Security, Inc.

JIA/Northstar Learning

I had the opportunity to leverage the services of JRG recently as I was searching for health insurance for my business. I found the team extremely knowledgeable, customer centered and invaluable to my selection process. Thank you for your support and guidance that continues through this confusing insurance landscape.

Jim Ice
Managing Director, Owner
JIA/North Star Learning

Catalyst Connection

JRG Advisors has been great to work with.  They are knowledgeable on the issues employers face in this challenging healthcare environment. The advice we gained from Amy Broadbent, and everyone servicing PTC members, has always been accurate, thoughtful and timely. We truly appreciate the team at JRG, and think that PTC found a real gem for its members.

Jeanne Straw
Vice President of Administration
Catalyst Connection

ProcessProxy Corporation

It was very nice talking to Craig Pritts of PTC CCG. I believe it is the best benefits-related call I have ever had in my last three years. I learned a lot and got so much out of the call. I finally have some confidence that I might be able to get something done with ProcessProxy benefits.

Deepa Odom
Director of Corporate Development
ProcessProxy Corporation

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